Our venues have played host to many exciting projects over the years, here are some highlights…

Paco Rabanne Christmas Showcase - Blank Canvas

Paco Rabanne Christmas Showcase

Venue - Hydraulic Power Station 
Company - Pacco Rabanne 
Date - 2018
Event - Product Launch


Kicking off the 2018 Christmas season, Paco Rabanne rolled into town with a seasonal showcase at the Hydraulic Power Station.


Constructing an epic immersive shipping container display unit, filled with guest experiences this event truly demonstrated all that's possible with this awesome location.


This Power Station truly is an iconic space, it elevates your brand, your event and always delivers that wow factor. Please get in touch today for a quote! 

Oasis Fashion Show - Blank Canvas

Oasis Fashion Show

Oath Brand Love Academy - Blank Canvas

Oath Brand Love Academy

M&S Christmas Showcase - Blank Canvas

M&S Christmas Showcase

Elle Style Awards - Blank Canvas

Elle Style Awards